Been Away for Awhile….

Hi Folks, Yup, it has been a few months…okay, a few years…okay, a mess of years since I updated this site. Just been working a number of other lanes, BUT I have been carving and sculpturing the whole time so all is not lost.

Have no fear, though.  I have just finished crafting a quick writeup and thumbnail photo for each (almost all) of the pieces — both wood and stone — that I have done over the recent years. The page is called  “A Quick Description of Past Carvings and Sculptures”  and is listed as the fifth item (second line and on the right — I think) on the titles at the top of this screen. I recommend that you click on it for a quick read and look. If a particular photo seems interesting to you just click on it and it will go from its small thumbnail size to a large size. The majority of the other pages listed at the top part of this screen give you a way to take a deeper dive into a particular piece (wood or stone) that I have done. Just click on the title and the bottom portion of this screen will have that page for you. What you will find when you go to that page is a detailed description of the carving or sculpting process and a number of “birthing” photos of the piece’s progress from initial drawing or clay model to final.  Now that I have updated the site, please visit it at least once a month as I will be adding more things every couple of weeks…or so.

If you want to see what I am current working — just click on the page called  “Quick Look into What Is Going On Right Now…”.

Thanks for checking in.